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                  Company Culture
                  ARROW Culture
                  ARROW is always pursuing its goal to create more natural and more controllable modern lighting products based on environmental protection and energy saving by introducing advanced electronic technology into illumination field, changing the useless energy consumption during transformation from traditional power to visible light and improving lighting source quality constantly.

                  ARROW Enterprise orientation
                  Enterprise Orientation: ARROW is concentrated on lighting electronic field and focused on products enhanced the core competitiveness to become the most excellent professional manufacturer of lighting electronic field in China and even the world.

                  ARROW Enterprise Spirit :Brightness from the Inner Light Up Heart
                  What is the future like
                  · How bright is it
                  · How is it better than the present
                  · ARROW are convinced that, no matter for individuals, families, enterprises, organizations or countries, as long as it is always holding on to the inner bright ideas, the future must be better than now.
                  ARROW believes: Brightness is from ideas, ideas are from confidence.

                  ARROW Business Philosophy:Devotion,Concentration,Profession

                  : ARROW will concentrate on electronic lighting products without other distraction, which always along the route relative closely extension development. It not only pays enough attention to future electronic lighting technology and application, but also keeps innovating and improving traditional electronic energy-saving lamp, electronic ballast and other basic products.

                  Concentration: ARROW always focuses on the improving of products' core competitive. It not only concentrates on the innovating of products' performances, functions and appearance, but also greater emphasis in professional innovations of products' processing technology, equipment, and tooling. Even more, ARROW creates its own features which product competence that cannot be copied.

                  Profession:ARROW will adhere to the professional wisdom and vision to correct evaluating customer needs. With the most optimized solution, the simplest, most practical and efficient means of combining professional control standards. It not only meet the basic needs of our customers, but also committed to creating a professional sign with ARROW symbol of quality assurance, cost-effective value of guaranteed the products.

                  ARROW responsibility: light, is our mission and responsibility!

                  Today, being used worldwide every 10 energy-saving lamps in 9 from China, which is the glory of Chinese energy saving lamp industry, but also means responsibility. ARROW believes that the Chinese energy saving lamp enterprises at present is not lack technology, isn't lack scale and isn't lack advanced production technology equipments. Created and the formed "Made in China" energy-saving lamps "inferior low price", “save electricity don't save money," the root cause of the inferior phenomenon is the absence of enterprise responsibility which enterprise to employees, suppliers, customers and even social "responsibility". ARROW is convinced that in the energy saving lamp produce process of "personnel-intensive,much production processes,work by hand “to be the main means and practical experience is more important than technical theoryag手机版视讯,responsibility to the employee that improve the satisfaction of the employee is more important, is the other fundamental premise which the enterprise bear any other liability. In such an understanding, ARROW has been persisted focus on to improve and enhance employee satisfaction; plans to use the "two 3 years project" and to achieve five satisfactions gradually include employee satisfaction, suppliers, customers, shareholders and society.

                  Staff Satisfaction: It is the core guarantee of Arrow’s devotion, concentration and profession concepts, and is also the fundamental basis for achieving customer satisfaction which is delivery on time with high quality and efficiency. ARROW will continue to be competitive through design, incentive pay policy, welfare policy, promotion policy combined with equal, fair and open system to enhance employee satisfaction.ARROW with sincerity and honesty to build up a harmonious atmosphere between the corporation and staffs, between the superiors and the subordinates, and among colleagues.

                  ◆ Suppliers Satisfaction:It is the source to ensure our stable-quality and high cost-performance products and to achieve customers’ satisfaction. Through process optimization, ARROW continues to develop the active, effective, scheming and correct purchasing processes between the internal and related supply-chain departments, and then tries to establish a win-win and sustainable partnership with suppliers through frank communication and sincere treatment.

                  ◆ Customers Satisfaction:It is the core resource to realize shareholders satisfaction and guarantee our sustainable operation. Pursuing the devotion, concentration and profession concepts, ARROW adheres to create value for customers with its professional quality and win their praise by standard service through uninterrupted innovation in products, technologies, processes, facilities, management and institutions.

                  ARROW Enterprise Values: Integrity, responsibility, pragmatism, perfect

                  ◆ Integrity
                  · Integrity is the foundation of human morals;
                  · Keep equity, justice, honesty, sincerity and trustworthy;
                  · Realize self-love self-improvement by respecting yourself, others, objective laws and the company system.
                  ◆ Responsibility
                  · Responsibility is to do all the work of the first requirements;
                  · Continue to pursue professional work styles and strengthen occupational work qualities;
                  · Have a strong sense of responsibility, have a professional ability, and have a personality with the courage to take responsibility.
                  ◆ Pragmatism
                  · Pragmatism is a basic moral of being;
                  · Take actions before any words, pay attention to the results, more concerned about the processag手机版视讯;
                  · In modes, methods, contents, seeking for realistic Operational and effective solutions.
                  ◆ Perfect
                  · Perfection can mirror a man's value orientationag手机版视讯;
                  · Pay the same attention to details as to our appearance and looksag手机版视讯;
                  ◆ Strengthen the implementation force
                  · Without strong execution, even excellent schemes may just become vain words. Thus, strong execution is one of ARROW’s core management principles;
                  · Strong execution is based on good system, formalized institutions, impartial supervision, harmonious cooperation, effective encouragement measures and touching examples. What’s more, it depends on each employee for company’s passion and spirit of responsibility to work.
                  ◆ Balance encouraging and restriction measures
                  · According to the work contribution and achievement value by forming differential incentives to effectively stimulate the employee's initiative and creativity;
                  · Consolidate effective execution of institutions by gaining staff's comprehension and recognition, thus forming an invisible and efficient internal restriction mechanism.
                  · Emphasize on combination of encouragement and restriction and maintain balance to provide strong security for internal management.
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